Christmas in January

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Christmas in January

Christmas Tree Lights Lækjartorg

Photo: Ian Funk.


Hi. I’m currently in Iceland visiting the lovely place. I’ve noticed even though it’s after the Christmas period there are still lots of fairy lights around and the odd Christmas tree lit up. I love this because I’m a big fan of twinkly lights and Christmas but I’m wondering what it’s all about as it’s mid-January now.

Laura Faulkes, United Kingdom.


Dear Laura,

It’s safe to say that Christmas is the biggest holiday in Iceland. Locals love getting in the Christmas spirit and don’t skimp on decorations inside or out. Anticipating Christmas gives us something to look forward to as the days get darker and colder. As you may have noticed during your stay, the Icelandic winter is not only frigid, but quite dark, with only four hours of daylight on the winter solstice.

When all the Christmas fun is over, the dark and cold remain. Leaving up the lights helps us fight those post-holiday blues and forget we still have months of winter ahead. Or maybe we feel that mid-winter fatigue so strongly we can’t be bothered to take them down.

Whatever the reason, today is February 1st and lights and Christmas trees are still up in downtown Reykjavík. We hope they brightened your stay!