Buying Bus Passes in Reykjavík

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Buying Bus Passes in Reykjavík

Hlemmur bus station

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Q: Is there a Reykjavík City Card you can buy for one month? A card that that will allow me to use the Reykjavík public transport without paying each time. And if I miss the bus, how do you say 'Excuse me, can I have a lift?' in Icelandic?

Dror, Israel


A: Yes, you can buy a bus card which will allow you unlimited trips within the metropolitan area for a month. It’s called the Green Card and costs ISK 10,900.

You need to have an Icelandic social security number to buy it online in advance, but you should be able to purchase one at the Hlemmur Bus Center in downtown Reykjavík.

A new bus app called Strætó bs. which is available for both iPhone and Android, also allows you to buy individual tickets through your phone using a credit card. Those are ISK 400 each.

‘Afsakaðu, gæti ég fengið far?’ is how you would ask for a lift in Icelandic. However, you should know that most people in Iceland are not accustomed to such requests from strangers. Thankfully though, the city is very small and so getting around is relatively easy! is a carpooling website you could use if you needed to get somewhere further than Reykjavík and either missed the bus, or couldn't find one that went to where you wanted to go.